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Geology and Whisky on Islay

Few weeks ago, I visited the Queen of the Hebrides, or better known as the isle of Islay. My dad and I organised the trip for some friends of ours with the main objective to show them the many beauties of the island. Two years ago my dad and I made a ‘reconnaissance’ trip to explore those beauties. 
Being true to my blog, which is a more scientific-orientated blog, I will not make this post a travellers log, but lets just say we visited several distilleries (even one that is now under construction), enjoyed the cuisine (which was quite high standards in the hotel we stayed), and made many long walks through the fantastic and overwhelming landscapes of the Scottish island. This island keeps surprising me with its fascinating history, incredible geology, and beautiful whiskies.
Before the trip I bought a book about the “A Guide to the Geology of Islay”, which described the whole geological history, going back 1.8 billion years to evidence of the Last Glacial Maximum (last ice age), ‘…