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Writing is editing, rewriting and reviewing

Today I am working at home, because some strong and skillful looking men are renovating my roof vault (in Dutch: "dakkapel"). Luckily I had one thing on my agenda, editing, editing and editing. I have to rewrite my first scientific paper, because I want to send it to my co-authors in the beginning of next month. So today it is about making order in all my chaotic brain waves and scribbles, during the loud noise from above.
The title of this blog post is my way of living for the last few weeks (oh and "be concise and focus", but that is another story). I've started a course in English article writing, because as you would have noticed (and some of my good friends commented), my writing is not perfect or even close to perfect. So, every wednesday, I am sitting in a classroom with 12 of my peers, learning about the wonders of the English writing process. One of the most important lessons is: "Writing is editing, rewriting and reviewing".
But what is the…

Regional Isostasy: supporting a volcano

Since my participation in the Vening Meinesz project (Read about it in some of my earlier posts), I am reading a lot about this interesting person and his scientific findings. One of his greatest achievements to science is the theory of "Vening Meinesz isostasy" or "regional isostasy". This is a model that I use in my research and it is quite powerful but greatly overlooked. Therefore I thought it would be a good thing to write about here on my blog.
The word isostasy, I would think, is not something you would use in a normal conversation. However, you are reading the blog of a scientific geek (Aren't all geeks scientific, hmmmm), so now you will.
It all started with a man taking a bath. This man was given the assignment to solve a problem for his king. The assignment was to find out if the new crown of the king was made of pure gold. The king suspected the goldsmith of using silver. Archimedes (the man) was asked to do this without melting it. A difficult que…