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EGU 2015 End Week Update: A Young Scientist participating in the Discussion

The General Assembly of the European Geophysical Union in 2015 has come to an end. I am filled with new information, new ideas, motivational energy, great experiences, and encounters with new and interesting people. Waiting for my flight back home, I have time to reflect on the final few days of this incredible experience.
Last blogpost, I gave an update of the first two days. I was working that day on my rebuttal for a new paper. I submitted the paper to a journal, which is using a short response time of two weeks, and with Easter and preparation for the conference, I had little time to work on it. On Wednesday, my personal program only needed me to be at the evening poster sessions, so during the day, I locked myself up in my hotel room and worked on the rebuttal (despite the beautiful weather). It is now with the editor for decision! Nevertheless, I had an interesting time in the evening.
Day 3: Wednesday 15 April 2015
Arriving late at the EGU conference site, I went directly towar…

EGU 2015 Mid Week Update: A Young Scientist among Giants

With the European Geophysical Union General Assembly halfway there, it is time for me to sit and write down all my experiences as a young scientist. From sitting behind your desk, interacting with max 3 living beings (one of them is my office plant), to literally meeting thousands of scientists from around the world can be a little bit exhausting. Therefore, I have my mid week moment-of-zen, which I use to write this blog.
Pre-EGU2015 adventures: Due to a tight-scheduled revision of one of my papers, I had little time to design and print my poster, forcing me to drop by the print office on my way to the airplane. After a provocatively slow printer, I hurried to the airplane and got my flight to Vienna.
Arriving at Vienna, I checked in my hotel, after a short train ride from the airport. During the waiting on the platform and the train ride, you could spot them already: other scientists, still a little weary from the flight and carrying to much luggage, but above all the characteristic…

Gravity Expeditions at Sea

This week one of the major milestones of the Vening Meinesz project is a fact. The website is online, where you can follow the adventure of professor Vening Meinesz onboard the submarine K-XVIII! He sailed from Den Helder, Netherlands to Surabaya, Indonesia via a large detour, visiting ports on several continents. Along the way he measured the gravity field of the Earth with extreme precision. He did this with a pendulum apparatus onboard a moving vessel. A great achievement done by a great scientist. Please explore the website and tell me what you think of it.
Enter here!
Oh, for none Dutch speakers, just skip the introduction of the main app, the expedition of Vening Meinesz is written in English. Yet, if you can read Dutch, please check my interview in the TU Delta (University paper) about the project, here (page 18).