woensdag 1 april 2015

Gravity Expeditions at Sea

This week one of the major milestones of the Vening Meinesz project is a fact. The website is online, where you can follow the adventure of professor Vening Meinesz onboard the submarine K-XVIII! He sailed from Den Helder, Netherlands to Surabaya, Indonesia via a large detour, visiting ports on several continents. Along the way he measured the gravity field of the Earth with extreme precision. He did this with a pendulum apparatus onboard a moving vessel. A great achievement done by a great scientist. Please explore the website and tell me what you think of it.

Enter here!

Oh, for none Dutch speakers, just skip the introduction of the main app, the expedition of Vening Meinesz is written in English. Yet, if you can read Dutch, please check my interview in the TU Delta (University paper) about the project, here (page 18).

The captain and crew of the K-XVIII with the professor among them.

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