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Testing the theory of evolution: The story of the Red Dots

"But you are a geophysicist, not I biologist", I hear you thinking. Yes, that is true, but that does not stop me from looking at science in other fields. I think the theory of evolution is a great way to describe all the diversity we see around us. Not only in animals and plants, but also in man-made objects, politics, design, law, ethics and social interaction. Lets say evolution really is correct and is happening around us (I know that on the internet there is a large debate about its correctness, but I think one side just lack in good arguments and evidence), could we test it? To see if it really works.
Let me explain what I think evolution is about, correct me if you think I am wrong (finally some comments :)). Evolution in systems is about finding the optimal solution for the system to be in. Evolution does not know that it is doing this. The optimal solution changes over time, because of internal and external forces. In this sense evolution is very powerful. It allows…

Holiday project: my RaspberryPi shows that plants move!

After a few weeks of silence on this blog, a new post. Not about cucumbers, but moving plants (Do plants move? Yes, they do. Just very very slowly).
I bought a RaspberryPi before the holiday and wanted to test its capabilities and see how easy it was to program on it. So, I needed a project. After a view days of thinking I came up with making a time lapse movie (Ok, I know, not the most creative idea, but it was an idea). People might think that I would make a time lapse of the night sky, but I didn't. I am living in Delft, which is next to the Westland. This is a region with the largest surface area of the Netherlands (maybe even the world, I don't know, but you can see it from space, unlike the Great Wall of China) covered with greenhouses. At night they all turn on the lights. This makes it quite difficult to get a good view on the stars and Milky Way. So, I decided to capture other slow moving objects. Plants!!!
Another holiday project of mine is to grow my own fresh herb…