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Bart Root is a PhD candidate at the TUDelft, educated in astrodynamics and space missions, now learning about the wonders of geophysics. However, there is so much more science to write about. My academic interests are the gravity field, Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA), and the lithosphere structure.

I also tweet at https://twitter.com/Bart_Root

  • Root, B.C. (2017), Gravity Field Constraints on the Upper Mantle of Northwestern Europe, PhD Thesis, TU Delft, Ridderprint (download).
  • Root, B.C., Ebbing, J., van der Wal, W., England, R., and Vermeersen, L.L.A. (2017), Comparing gravity-based to seismic-derived lithosphere densities: a case study of the British Isles and surrounding areas, Geophysical Journal International, 208, 1796-1810.
  • Root, B.C., Novák, P., Dirkx, D., Kaban, M., van der Wal, W., and Vermeersen, L.L.A. (2016), On a spectral method for forward gravity field modelling, Journal of Geodynamics, 97, 22-30.
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Non peer-reviewed
  • Mathworks: link
  • Vening Meinesz project: www.expeditiewikipedia.nl
  • Expeditie Onderzeeboot, TU Delta: link
  • Het Gouden Kalf: het zwaartekrachtsinstrument van professor Vening Meinesz, Chapter in 175 jaar TU Delft: Erfgoed in 33 verhalen, Ed. P.Th.L.M. van Woerkom, Histechnica, 2017.
Research projects
  • 3D-Earth, ESA Support To Science Element (led by Kiel University), project website
Student supervision, or co-supervision*
  • Rozemarijn Vlijm, Round the world with Vening Meinesz, History student, University of Leiden, internship finished 2014-2015 (pdf)
  • Bas Blank, Finding Faults with FEM, graduated 2015 *
  • Robin Thor, Mapping the thickness of the Martian elastic lithosphere using maximum likelihood estimation (pdf), graduated 2016 (cum laude)
  • Martin Pedersen, Evaluating the accuracy of the DopTrack station, thesis finished 2017
  • David Jimenez, Improving the a priori solution in Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimisation, graduated 2017.
  • Anne Pronk, Low-Energy Transfers to the Moon, ongoing.
  • Óscar González Martínez, Orbit determination of Delfi-C3 using Doppler tracking data from DopTrack ground station, graduated 2017.
  • Marc Rovira-Navarro, Studying the Svalbard-Barents-Kara Ice Sheet using GRACE observations, graduated 2017 (pdf) (cum laude)*
  • Leon van Rossum, Gravity Field Modelling of the Sumatra Slab, ongoing
  • Max van Strien, Interior of Ganymede by Gravity Field Modelling, ongoing
  • Lisa de Backer, Stress state of crust on Mars at the Elysium Plane (InSight), ongoing
  • Liselotte Mulder, Mantle structures on Mercury derived from gravity field data, ongoing
  • Sander Vermeulen,  combining GRACE, GRACE-gap and GRACE FO gravity fields to produce a long time series, ongoing
  • Satellite Tracking in the Space Minor of TU Delft
  • Satellite Orbit Determination - Online Course
  • Planetary Sciences - Planetary gravity field modelling
Side Projects