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How to make a spectrogram or waterfall plot

In a few blogpost ago, I showed you several figures of a satellites transmission. You know, those beautiful S-curve plots with all the colours.  Those are called spectrograms or we like to call them waterfall plots, because the radio transmissions streams up in time like a reversed waterfall. To see such a waterfall plot live in action, the University of Twente opened their antennas for you to listen and see (see link). Yet, how to make such a figure?
To start with you need a recorded radio transmission. When the website of the TUDelft tracking station is up and running you can download some data there. However, (Start NerdAlert!) you can also buy your own little USB stick that acts like a software defined radio (SDR) receiver like the Logilink DVB-T. For only 20 euros you have your own satellite tracking station. NOTE: Beware! You need the RTL2832U chip version, because a lot of open software is written for that device. It is almost plug and play, you need some software, but all is …