maandag 8 april 2013

The story of not attending EGU2013 in Vienna

A few ours before my flight to Vienna would depart, my girlfriend and I were called. We had to come to the hospital, because the father of my girlfriend was taken to Intensive Care. His lungs were failing and his blood pressure dropped. So instead of racing to the airport we got in the car and were flying to the hospital.

Arriving at the IC, the rest of the family was already there. He was put in an artificial coma and taken on a breathing apparatus. It all felt so fragile. The doctors and nurses were however able to make him stable for the rest of the day.

It all went so sudden and unannounced. The night before I had subscribed myself to be on the official EGU2013 blogroll to write about my experience visiting my first EGU conference. However, due to these circumstances I have decided not to participate in the conference. I want to support my girlfriend and her family.

There is some good news after 48 hours of stress and waiting. The doctors and nurses are in control. They probably found the cause of the lung failure and are treating for this. The first signs look promising.

I will not participate in EGU2013, however when I find some time for the webcasts I will report on some of them. Please have fun and find interesting science. You can contact me via this blog if you find something worth writing about.

Observe, connect and discuss...

See you at EGU2014

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